The ButterSide is a constantly active laboratory and has been called upon by different organisations to develop a variety of projects.

Here are a few of these completed projects.

From the world of Papillon's album "Calligraphy" (album available on iTunes, etc). Here is a Butterside portrait of Sugar Mama, florally beautified by Susan McLeary for PassionFlower (

Directed by Papillon. Hair: Julie Hill Makeup: Hannah Butler Set Photographer: Whitney Keeler for Imagine Three Beauty Studio.

(c) 2015 ButterSideUp Recordings & Entertainment Discover more of the Butterside at

The ButterSide & PASSIONFLOWER present the FlowerFro by Susan McLeary.
Floral Arrangement: Susan McLeary
Video: Papillon
Make-up: Hannah Butler Hair: Fatoumia Oumar Ribier Model: Monique Montri Photo: Amanda DuMouchelle
Music: "Between You & Me" by Papillon from the album "CALLIGRAPHY" (2014-BSURE) available for download

From 2007 to 2008, our artistic caravan named Exobus traveled from France to West Africa. We slowly drove through Marocco, Mauritania, Mali, Casamance, the Gambia and Senegal. South of the Sahara, in the Sahel region, we came upon the Dogon village of Kani Kombole. The welcome was so warm that we decided to stay a while and set up our portable studio to immortalise some traditional Dogon music. This is the story of our enlightening recording adventure. A film by Papillon, in collaboration with Asil Production.

UMMA's Many Voices teaser. Editing & sound design by Papillon, post-production by Sharad Kant Patel. Music by STEREO RECEiVER (B.S.U.R.E. 2013). Many Voices is generously supported by the National Endowment for the Arts and the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan.

Created by Papillon. This stop-motion animation was inspired by the African collection of University of Michigan Museum of Art (UMMA), created for their Many Voices project.

words can't describe what you see here.

A dance video by Sudandyo Aprilianto. Animation support by Collin McRae, Emilia White, JD Biskner. Music & sound design by Sudandyo Aprilianto & Papillon. Special effects by Martin Thoburn, Sharad Kant Patel, Donald Harrison. This video was inspired by Auguste Rodin's "Dance Movement A, B, C, E", on view at the University of Michigan Museum of Art. It was created for the UMMA Many Voices project.

This is a promo for an online game the Ann Arbor District Library runs every summer. Had a lot of fun including elements from Star Wars, Harry Potter, Peanuts... etc. Directed and Edited by Sharad Kant Patel & Donald Harrison ( Music and Sound production by Papillon for BSURE.

A film by Ashlee Arder. This video was inspired by Mask (Vaca Bruto Dugn' Be Type) of the Bijogo Peoples, Guinea Bissau, on view at the University of Michigan Museum of Art (UMMA). Sound design by Papillon

Papillon and the ButterSide family welcome you in an immersive experience through the ButterSide of Life. The Butter Lounge is an interactive travelling Art & Music showcase. A place where Art meets its makers.

A video about the first steps of the making of the first EVER PeanutButterFly USB Drive! Papillon and Alex Hatch have started the process of designing and prototyping.

Here is "MY TrutH", the first of a series of short films, illustrating songs from Papillon's new album "Calligraphy". The movie "MY TrutH" was directed by Papillon and Donald Harrison and filmed on Super 8mm, to honor and enjoy the technology of the past.

Music video for "Distribute it (to the lower level)" from Papillon's album CALLIGRAPHY, featuring Mike Wird (B.S.U.R.E. 2014)

This video was directed by Papillon in collaboration with Louis B. K. of SuSol, in 2009. The song, "a Chill Evening", is taken from Papillon's first album "the Amber Dawn" (BSURE 2006)

from Papillon's album "Calligraphy", featuring Daz-Ini, Kinesis & Cyrille Daumont. Produced & Directed by the PeanutButterFly for the ButterSide. (BSURE 2014).