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Art For Education


Art For Education

ButterSide Art For Education (B.S.A.F.E.)

ButterSide Art For Education (B.S.A.F.E.) promotes using the creative mind to better assimilate the different principles of Nature as well as Human culture. 

We produce, showcase and support artistic and cultural teaching projects.  

Ranging from educational films to hands-on workshops, activities on the ButterSide are numerous.  

Educational Media

We strive to draw the curiosity of our Butter family to Art in its many forms.  We explore the ways of assimilating Art while observing the harmony Nature offers through Art. Identifying the patterns and designs found in nature and within human culture, we work to motivate our Butter family to honor and enjoy it through artistic expression.

Created by Papillon. This video was inspired by the African collection of University of Michigan Museum of Art (UMMA), created for their Many Voices project.

From the sound stage to the lab, we want to expose as many people as we can to culture through our lens.

When a technology appears, the ButterSide gets curious.  And this starts a process of exploring and testing the new limits through Art. (below: creation of a sculpture for capturing, modeling and printing in 3D). 

Here are the first steps of the making of the first EVER PeanutButterFly USB Drive! It shall contain Papillon's album "Calligraphy" and more. Papillon and Alex Hatch have started designing and prototyping. In a few brainstorms we will have a final design. We want the mechanism to be unique and inspired.


Interaction and communication being some of the most fundamental elements of community, a lot of energy is invested into collective projects and workshops.

For example, mutual trust workshops take interesting forms on the ButterSide.  Here, in the Dogon village of Kani Kombole, during a tour with Exobus in Mali, each child painted another one's face, then let the model return the favor.  

No mirrors are present so the focus can remain on the process.  

The Butter Lounge

The Butter Lounge is an opportunity to lay back and drift off in pleasant company as we dim the lights and explore the Human Mind.
Taking the form of a travelling chill-out event, the ButterSide mingles with local and international Music and Art communities wherever the wind carries it.
Papillon and his co-hosts invite patrons to kick back in comfortable settings, and let the Visual Art and Sounds transport you quietly to the Butter Side of your Mind. 

Papillon and the ButterSide family welcome you in an immersive experience through the ButterSide of Life. The Butter Lounge is an interactive travelling Art & Music showcase. A place where Art meets its makers.

The trip typically involves rare vinyl records, new technology experimentation, fine arts and interactive sensory installations.  The sensation is one of immersion and an eco-system forms around and among the artists and Art lovers present.

Whether lost in one's own thoughts or fully engaged in a collective experience, the visitor appears to find a peaceful place to settle down in the Butter Lounge.